About Us

The construction industry is constantly evolving. New innovations strive to make getting a job done not only easier, but safer. Safety standards and practices are set in place to protect laborers and the community surrounding a job site. Unfortunately, some of the most seemingly simple and common problems, like falling tools and back strain, have not been properly addressed or solved by any existing safety equipment or products.

When I was 18 years old I started an apprenticeship working in Carpenters Union Local 2090. Everyday my coworkers and I struggled with our tool belts. On top of the daily back pain, the tool belt got in the way and prevented us from wearing our safety harness correctly. We were not only putting our lives at risk, but our jobs too, as fines and warnings piled up because we were failing to follow proper safety protocol. But, how could we get any job done if we couldn’t wear our tool belt and harness simultaneously with ease?

Several years later I began working as a Sandhog in NYC, and realized that this was a problem not limited to one facet of the industry. It was a universal struggle. So, I made my own tool belt, which I named the Hintze Belt. The idea was simple. I strapped the tool belt around my thigh, and my back pain was gone. Better yet, I was able to wear my safety harness correctly. Soon enough, my coworkers were all asking me to make them one. Word quickly spread throughout the job site about the belt, and there was a noticeable increase in comfort, productivity, and most importantly, safety. There was no longer any reason for anyone to not wear their safety harness because of their tool belt getting in the way.

In 2013, I founded Hintze Belts, Inc. and expanded upon my original concept of a tool belt that straps around the thigh. There are now several varieties of tool belts that are customized for all of the major trades.

But why stop there? I decided to continue addressing the common safety and comfort issues that we all face on the job, like falling tools. Keep dropping your tape measure or hammer? Forget about it! Buy a Hintze Tape Jacket and Hammer Locker, and you’ll never drop them again! And, rest assured that when you purchase a Hintze product you are receiving quality goods, because all of my merchandise is manufactured in the USA.

So, take a look through this website and see how Hintze offers innovative solutions to ordinary problems.

- Ian Hintze
President, Hintze Belts Inc.