“Finally an ergonomic product that will increase production and reduce lower back strain. This product is a home run.”
Phil Z on Feb 24, 2015

“Great product!!! I use the belt while working on a ladder or in a space where a tool bag will not fit. Organizes my tools and gives me easy access to what I need.”
- Peter C on Sep 03, 2014

“As a New York City construction worker I can easily say that both the original Hintzebelt and the H2 model can be the best decision a construction worker can make. Wearing these belts has helped make my work day more convenient, effective, (and lets not forget how much easier these things make it to work with a safety harness). I would suggest using these belts to any constrution worker anywhere. Just wanted to say thank you Hintzebelts.”
- Daniel Gallagher on Jun 04, 2014

“Hintzebelts should be the only tool belt for working at heights. Standard tool belts are obstacles to climbing and cause an unnecessary hazard on the job site. Hintzebelts allow me and my construction team to get up and down tall ladders safely and efficiently while carrying every tool I need.”
- John Chiafair on Jun 03, 2014

“After years of climbing in and out of rebar mats and scaling tall concrete forms I have broken countless wire wheels by getting them caught with a standard tool belt, not to mention the inconvenience of also wearing a safety harness. This all changed when a friend told me about the Hintzebelt. I’ve been using it over a year now and can honestly say it changed the way I work. Not only am I safer; I am also more productive as I am able to effortlessly climb with my wire and pliers within reach. Great belt!”
- Kevin M on Jun 03, 2014

“As a heavy civil safety specialist, I only need two words to describe Hintzebelt products. Simple and Effective.”
- Dave Walbourne on Jul 31, 2013

“Hintzebelt from a Safety Professional’s opinion: it makes you less prone for a lower back injury and a more comfortable way of carrying tools for almost any trade you are in. It is a great ergonomic back saver and makes wearing a Safety harness more comfortable with no more wire tie reel in the way of the safety harness so it can be worn properly. Less stress on your back as you’re bent over all day. A great tool belt for carrying the weight on your leg instead of your lower back!”
- Brian v W. on Jun 05, 2013

“I’ve been using this for about a month now working on construction sites in New York City… I wish I had this belt for the first 15 years of my career. Product is Awesome! Thanks!!”
- John Meyer on Mar 24, 2013

- Taylor on Mar 12, 2013

“My experience with using the hintze belt is that it releaves the strain on my back by taking the weight of the tie wire off my belt and putting it on my thigh which is much more comfortable for me. Another advantage of using the Hintzebelt is that my wire wheel does not get caught in my harness and my pliers are easily accessible.”
- Taylor on Mar 11, 2013

“This product is great glad I bought one. Makes life much easier with my tool belt and harness on!”
- Rob on Mar 10, 2013