H8 Hintze Belt – Skanska Edition



Hintze Belts are replacing the traditional tool belt and quickly becoming the foremost choice in how to wear your tools. This revolutionary product is designed to be worn with your pants belt and strapped around the thigh, which eliminates the strain that usually comes along with wearing a traditional tool belt while guaranteeing that your tools never get in the way of your safety harness. Hintze Belts feature several slots, pockets, and elastic to ensure that your tools are always visible, safely snug, and ready for use.

Our most versatile belt, the H8 Hintze Belt, is the perfect solution for keeping your nails, screws, bolts and other small necessities within hands reach. It’s also perfect for holding any other miscellaneous equipment that you might need in a moments notice, making it perfect for any trade. Elastic banding ensures everything is secure and right wear you need it.